BBB GUIDE: When to Replace Your Mattress Instead of Cleaning

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When to Replace Your Mattress Instead of Cleaning

For stains, spot cleaning, odors, and even bed bugs and dust mites, it’s usually best to simply clean your mattress rather than replace it. After all, mattresses can be expensive to replace, and there are so many ways to clean them effectively. But there are situations when it’s just not worth it to save a mattress that’s beyond help — or even a health hazard.

  • Mold:

    Mold on your mattress is a sign that you’ve left a spot dirty or wet (usually both) for far too long. Once mold starts, it’s really tough to get rid of. Even if you clean your mattress thoroughly, you may never know if you’ve actually eliminated the mold. Sleeping on a mattress with mold every night can be a serious health hazard, so it’s really best to just start fresh unless you catch and treat mold quickly.

  • Extensive bed bugs:

    Bed bugs are the plague of mattresses, dreaded by every mattress owner. If you catch and eliminate them before they get out of control, it’s fine to keep your treated mattress. However, a serious bed bug infestation will leave your mattress covered with tiny specks of blood, insect waste, and more creepy crawlies than you may be comfortable sleeping on ever again. If your bed bugs are out of control, consider getting rid of your mattress. But remember that even if your mattress is gone, bed bugs will still remain in your home, so you’ll need to treat clothing, other soft items, furniture, and more to eliminate bed bugs before you bring in a new mattress.

  • Old mattresses:

    It’s almost always worth it to save a still usable mattress with a small stain or odor. But is it really worth the trouble if your mattress is past its comfortable lifespan anyway? Most mattresses are only usable for 7-10 years before they become too worn and uncomfortable. If you’re facing an arduous cleaning task on an old mattress, consider just upgrading instead.

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