BBB GUIDE: When to Clean a Mattress

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When to Clean a Mattress

Cleaning your mattress is an important but often overlooked task for keeping your sleeping area fresh and healthy. Regularly cleaning your mattress can remove allergens, dust, bacteria, and stop serious mattress problems including mold and odors. To keep your mattress safe, healthy, and clean, you’ll need to manage routine cleaning as well as address larger problems like spots, stains, odors, and even bed bugs and dust mites. Washing your sheets and pillows is a start, but that’s not all you need to do. Routine cleaning makes your bed a more comfortable place to sleep, and taking care of stains, odors, and infestations right away can protect your mattress from more serious problems. Keeping your mattress clean is important, but not difficult. Often, all you’ll need to do is wash your bedding regularly, vacuum every few months, and add a mattress protector. But even more intensive cleaning like spot removal or even removing odors is usually about as simple as spraying your mattress down and giving it a good scrub.

In this guide, you’ll learn when you need to clean your mattress, how to manage regular cleanings, and even take care of problems like odors, bed bugs, and dust mites. You’ll also find out when it’s time to throw in the towel and give up on your old mattress that’s just not worth saving. Read on to learn everything you need to know about mattress cleaning.

Signs You Need to Clean Your Mattress

  • You haven’t cleaned it in a few months: Your mattress needs to be cleaned every few months to keep it fresh.
  • You’re allergic to sleeping: Dust buildup can aggravate allergies and cause you to suffer at night. If you feel allergy symptoms more often in bed or as you wake up, it’s probably time to clean up the dust.
  • You’ve noticed bugs or strange bites: Bed bug infestations may not always be obvious, especially in the early stages. But you can look for signs, including seeing the bugs, noticing microscopic blood stains or insect waste spots, or unusual bites on your body.
  • Your mattress has an odor: Mattresses can smell from dust and skin buildup, or have an odor from bodily fluids, even mold. Odors on your mattress can be gross and disruptive for sleeping and even point to a sign of a bigger problem you need to address.
  • You have obvious stains: How did that stain get there? Whether mattress stains are a mystery or you know their origin, it’s best to address stains as soon as you know about them.
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