BBB GUIDE: What to Watch out for when Buying a Mattress Online

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What to Avoid/Watch out for

Next, let’s look at some red flags to look for when buying a mattress online ― and what to do if you come across one.

  • Be wary of mattress review sites. Some mattress review sites can be quite helpful. They feature authentic customer reviews, and product rankings generated through feedback and market research. However, some of these sites are owned by mattress retailers and other companies with a vested interest in product sales. The rankings on these sites are often biased, and designed to highlight more expensive brands in order to drive up profits for stakeholders. For example: a website known as ‘Best Mattress Brand’ is owned by the One Mall Group, which is affiliated with the manufacturers of Amerisleep and Astrabeds mattresses. Always take these rankings with a grain of salt or better yet, avoid them completely and refer to unbiased sources instead like our mattress product database.
  • Always check the specs: Most mattresses sold online are better than store-bought models in terms of composition, durability and overall quality. However, you should check and double-check the product specifications of any mattress sold online to ensure that all of the important components are included. For more information on specs for different products, please visit our mattress search engine.
  • Think twice before buying a mattress on classified ad sites. Many people sell mattresses on personalized ad sites like craigslist or These mattresses are often much cheaper than models sold through retailers or direct-to-consumer companies. In most cases, however, you (the buyer) will be responsible for shipping and/or transporting the mattress to your home. The warranty will also be voided as soon as the mattress changes hands. Additionally, mattress quality may be an issue ― and returning or obtaining a refund may be difficult, if not impossible. If you see a classified ad for a mattress you would like to buy, try to arrange a visit to the seller’s house in order to perform an in-person inspection.
  • A word about compression: For easier shipping, most memory foam mattresses will be compressed and/or vacuum-sealed. High-quality memory foam is designed to return to its original shape after the mattress is removed from its packaging. However, keeping a mattress compressed or sealed for longer than two to three months can permanently damage the foam’s shape retention. Check the website to make sure your foam mattress won’t be compressed until a day or two before it ships ― and contact a site administrator if this information is not readily available.
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