BBB GUIDE: Everything you need to know about Microcoils and Nanocoils

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Everything you need to know about Microcoils and Nanocoils

Today, many mattresses are manufactured with small coils placed throughout the comfort layer. Microcoils, or mini coils, are typically one to three inches long, but can be as short as 10 millimeters in length. Nanocoils are, by definition, shorter than most microcoils; most are no longer than ¾ of an inch. By comparison, support core coils found in innerspring mattresses can be up to 10 inches in length. For this reason, microcoils and nanocoils can be placed higher in the comfort layer without causing you discomfort.

Microcoils and nanocoils are usually made from thin, flexible and durable metal wire that can easily bounce back to its original shape. In recent years, 100% natural coils have appeared on the market, as well. To ensure that you cannot feel them while you’re asleep, microcoils and nanocoils are wrapped in a thin foam or fabric layer. These components are most commonly found in foam mattresses, although some innerspring mattresses feature microcoils or nanocoils layered next to the primary support core; this is known as ‘coil-on-coil’ construction.

The number of microcoils or nanocoils in a mattress will vary; some models feature more 8,000 individual coils, and may also include as many as five individual coil layers. Each coil is designed to compress and conform based on your specific bodily dimensions, resulting in a customized fit that relieves pressure points and aids chronic pain. Mattresses with coil components usually have excellent motion isolation, as well. In some mattresses, the microcoils or nanocoils will be affixed to the seams, allowing them to move from side to side, as well as up and down. This technique, known as ‘three-way stretching’, provides even more of a contoured fit. Coil comfort layers are also designed with ventilation chambers for better air circulation, which lets you sleep cool.

Microcoil and nanocoil mattresses are considered mid-range in terms of price; models generally range between $800 and $1,200. These mattresses will cost more than most polyfoam models, but are typically cheaper than mattresses made from latex, memory foam and/or natural fibers. And thanks to the resiliency of these coils, the mattresses tend to have a longer-than-average lifespan.

Microcoil and nanocoil mattresses represent a ‘best of all worlds’ option for many mattress buyers. In addition to being durable and relatively affordable, they are also designed to conform to your dimensions, keep you cool and retain their original shape.

Here are a few important considerations with microcoil and nanocoil mattresses.

  • Microcoils or nanocoils ? The difference will be insignificant to most, but some sleepers (i.e. heavy-set individuals) may be more comfortable sleeping on nanocoils.
  • How many coils are included in the mattress? Everyone will have an optimal coil count in mind. Test out multiple models to determine the right number of microcoils or nanocoils for you.
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